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Top Stories

  • August 2011 -  Edevolve's students' all gain a least a grade B in their subjects.

    All Edevolve's students gained a minimum grade B in their A-levels or GCSE subjects being taught by Edevolve private home tutors. All students improved their grades significantly. One notable student improved from an E grade to an overall B grade in A-level maths after tutoring. In summary, another step in the 'proof of concept' in EdEvolve's home learning strategies. 


  • March 2011 -  Edevolve's first students show significant improvement in their grades.

    Edevolve's first ever student gained a grade A in A-level biology the highest grade available for the module taken. She improved her grade from a grade C to A after eleven tutorials and improves her chances of gaining entry to her chosen University where A and B grades are required. Other Edevolve students also improved their grades very significantly. Another student improved from an E grade to a C grade in GCSE physics after only six tutorials - an amazing success by anyone's standards. Overall an impressive start to Edevolves records and an important milestone in the evolution of Edevolves future success.  


  • Edevolve in Woolich (East London)

    We are now tutoring students in the Woolich Area
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  • Edevolve in Mannings Heath

    We are now tutoring students in the Mannings Heath Area
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  • EdEvolve in Horsham

    EdEvolve becomes a new player in science home tutoring in the Horsham Area.